Cavs-Warriors Schedule

So here we are for the fourth year in a row facing another exciting NBA Finals with the Cleveland Cavaliers going head to head with the Golden State Warriors. Here’s the playoff schedule, beginning with game one tonight.

Creating a Powerful Network with LinkedIn


There’s no doubt that LinkedIn is a necessary tool for professionals in a variety of industries. LinkedIn helps in two main ways: building your network and nurturing relationships. Forbes has some interesting insight into how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile. So start now!

Check out the Forbes article below and then check out my LinkedIn page:

23 Traits of a Good Leader

In my line of work, I’m surrounded by leaders every day. We all strive to be one, yet how do we get there?  From honesty and respect to confidence and integrity, check out these 23 traits of what makes people effective leaders.

Cobra Kai: Pretty Good

You’ve likely seen the ads for YouTube Red’s Cobra Kai series, which acts as a sequel to the Karate Kid movies. Perhaps you’ve seen it. I think Ralph Macchio and creators did a pretty good job with it. Check out this video with Ralph and William Zabka, who plays Johnny Lawrence.  There’s a surprise twist in there so don’t watch if you’re in the middle of the series.

Solo Movie Begs Many Questions


After seeing the Solo movie last weekend, I enjoyed it but was left with many questions — as were many fans around the country. Like how many years is Solo set before A New Hope? And how did Han learn Chewy’s language? I can’t include more questions here because they’re spoilers. Check out the article below IF you’ve seen the movie already and let me know what you think.