Leadership Qualities in Business

I often find myself thinking about leadership and what makes one a great leader in business. I know it takes years of practice. But there are essential skills one must possess in order to find success, ranging from self-awareness and decisiveness to fairness and enthusiasm. Inc. talks more about it here:


Bitcoin Soars


For the first time in five months, Bitcoin soared to its highest point, bolstering smaller cryptocurrencies along with it. This came after a major order by an anonymous buyer. A frenzy of computer-driven trading ensued, and Bitcoin jumped 20 percent. In fact, it hit $5,000 for the first time since mid-November of 2018.


Savvy Ways To Save Money Every Month

If you’re like most people , you likely have a tough time saving money. Whether you’re a spender or saver by nature, it’s important to sock away a little bit each payday for the future.

We all know this yet many of us fail to do it. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average, Americans spend up to 80% of their income each year, and 15% of that is on nonessential items.

From taking advantage of corporate discounts to using a budget tracking app, there are many ways you can save money every month. Check out the Forbes article:


Opening Day for the MLB

Finally, opening day is here throughout the MLB. Whether you support the Dodgers, Angels, the As or any other sports team, you are likely excited that not only spring is here, but baseball season is once again upon us.

Check out this link to every team’s schedule, put out by the MLB. Will you be making a game this year?


Why Leaders Must Prioritize Health and Wellness

All too often in business, we neglect our own health as we try to promote our our agendas. It’s hard work being a leader in business, but with the push for success comes an impact on health. Here’s a great article on the reasons why leaders have to prioritize their health and wellness in order to be truly successful:


Avengers End Game Crashes Websites


Tickets went on sale early this morning for Avengers End Game much to the delight of die hard fans, but in a cruel twist of fate, all the major ticketing sites crashed due to the response. Fandango is placing customers in online queues, yet the line keeps pausing and not allowing anyone through.

Everything from AMC to Regal to Atom is crashing amid the rush. Didn’t get your tickets? Keep trying! It comes out April 26, with a preview on Thursday April 25.