2017 Tax Law Had No Impact on Consumer Filing Patterns

According to a new report from Moody’s Investors Service, the 2017 tax law had no real impact on consumer tax filing patterns or the market share of tax prep vendors. About 56 percent of electronic filings were handled by paid providers, which is in line with the popularity of DIY online filing services and software.

Here’s some more interesting tax news in Accounting Today.


CoinJoins Rise by 300%

Mixed cryptocurrency transactions now represent 4% of all bitcoin payments, with so-called “CoinJoins” rising by 300% in just nine months. By blending multiple transactions together before they are sent to the recipient, the sender’s details can be obscured.

CoinJoins have become more popular as more monitoring of transactions on blockchain are occurring.  Read more here at:


Avengers Breaks Records


Well, they did it. Avengers: End Game broke all kinds of records, particularly one in which it made $1.2 billion in its first weekend. It easily killed its own record last year of $640.5 million with Avengers: Infinity War. Did you see it? Thoughts?


Best Kung Fu TV Shows

By now you know I love kung fu. I’m always in search of the best movies and shows highlighting this martial art. I came across this Ranker article ranking kung fu TV shows from best to worst. Check it out and see if you agree.