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Why an internship is invaluable

The hands-on experience that comes with an internship is invaluable. It can help you break into your industry and give you critical tools of survival. I should know. I interned at notable companies like The Walt Disney Company and The Gap where I learned all about Financial Reporting, Analysis and Revenue from the ground up.

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Learning from your business mistakes

Successful people are masters at learning from their successes and failures. They are determined to take their failures as a lesson in life so that they don’t repeat them. So how can you determine your losses and turn them into life lessons? It’s not easy but once you get into the mindset, it becomes second nature.

Outlook on Giants

Well, it’s no secret my beloved Giants didn’t make it into the World Series this year. Check out this video on’s Jim Duquette breaking down how the Giants will approach the offseason and types of acquisitions they should look for. In a nutshell: the main goal is to find more offense, particularly in the outfield.


Top-10 Lakers Games to Watch in 2017-18


With a four-year playoff drought looming, there are high hopes that the Lakers will manage to squeeze out a big win this year. Backed by fresh talent like Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle offset by established players Brook Lopez and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, the Lakers are poised to make an impact.

Check out the must-see games of the regular season…

Key Characteristics of the Entrepeneurial Spirit


Being an entrepreneur myself, I know the value of recognizing the factors that fuel this desire to forge new paths. Always questioning, always pushing ahead, always testing the limits…these are in-bred for the entrepreneur. When you have a moment, check out this article by It’s inspiring.