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It seems gold can do no wrong. In fact, this precious metal is on track for its third straight month of gains, enjoying its near six-year high.  Experts say it’s headed even higher.

The Fed is expected to cut interest rates for the first time since 2008 in an attempt to continue the upward trajectory in economic growth. Gold has benefited very much. Read more here:

Be Happier at Work

From having a sense of meaning to creating an “office nest,” Inc. has defined 15 ways to become happier while at work.  Studies have shown only 13 percent of employees worldwide are happy at work. Are you?

Here are some more tips:

  • Find a work friend
  • Leave personal problems at home
  • Be future-oriented
  • Smile more
  • Take a breather
  • Eat healthy
  • Drink more water
  • Get organized
  • Don’t multi-task
  • Reward yourself
  • Reflect on the day

Are you happy yet? Try them out and let me know if they work!

Endgame Beats Avatar


Well they did it: Avengers: Endgame has officially passed Avatar at the worldwide box office to become the highest-grossing film in history. The Marvel superhero movie raked in $2.790 billion by Sunday, July 28, topping Avatar‘s previous record of $2.789 billion. This marks the first time the highest-grossing film worldwide has been a movie not directed by James Cameron since before 1998′s Titanic. Pretty neat! Good movie, great record to beat.


Bitcoin Prices Have Tripled Since December

The world’s largest digital currency is on the rise again. Bitcoin prices have climbed more than 200% over the last six months, rising quickly in the face of bullish momentum.

The digital currency’s price hit a 2019 high this week, reaching as much as $9,409.34. This means that bitcoin’s price has more than tripled since December, when it was at a low of $3,100. Here’s more about this week’s bitcoin news:

Building an Extraordinary Team Culture

Being a part of a workplace team is a great way to achieve any task in the business world.  When you take a group of independently talented people and come up with a team in which they can apply their talents, not only will energy and creativity be released, but performance, loyalty and engagement will improve.

But how do you create a well-oiled team? It all starts with the culture. Check out these steps for building an extraordinary team culture.

Summer Movies 2019

From Toy Story 4 to Spider-Man: Far From Home, there are lots of summer blockbusters coming out in the next few months. If you have kids, take them to see Lion King on July 19 or Dora and the Lost City of Gold on August 2. If you like Quentin Tarantino films, don’t miss Once Upon a Time in Hollywood on July 26.

If you like horror films, try Child’s Play on June 21 or Annabelle Comes Home on June 26. 21  Bridges, The Farewell, Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw, The Kitchen and Good Boys…these are just a few of the movies coming to the big screen this summer. Check out more at: