New to Netflix

If you love binge watching Netflix shows, you’ll be interested to see what’s being released for November.  From Good Will Hunting to Trolls Season 4 for the kids, there’s lots to choose from. If you enjoy the Netflix Originals, you’ll love the lineup featuring everything from Creeped Out to Oh My Ghost to John Leguizamo’s Latin History for Morons.

Check out the full list here:

Lakers Pressing On


While the Dodgers couldn’t make it happen, the LA Lakers are in full swing as attention sways to the NBA. After a road trip that resulted in two lost games, the LA Lakers returned home on Halloween to win it against the Dallas Mavericks.

LeBron brought his game and scored 29 points. Check out more highlights here:

On to Bigger and Better Things


Well, the LA Dodgers may not have been able to bring home the World Series championship, but they gave the good fight. Now the future of many of the players is uncertain. Free agent Manny Machado, for example, thanked the Dodgers organization for its support over the years but was noncommittal regarding his future there.

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Types of Digital Currency: Making Sense of it All


Even though I have a big interest in Bitcoin and other mainstream digital currencies, there’s still a lot I don’t know about it. There are so many types out there, it’s hard to keep track. From Ripple and Litecoin to Peercoin and Primecoin, check out this informative article to sort out what all the different kinds are and what they do.

Outsource Everything but…

Accounting, quality control and sales. At least that’s what Entrepreneur says in this article:

It’s true that most startups today are undercapitalized, using every penny they have to stay afloat long enough to produce a positive cash flow.

Most investors want to see some type of revenue before risking a partnership with you.  That’s why you have to strip your company to the bare necessities, without outsourcing critical areas of your business. This includes accounting, quality control and sales.