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Only 2% of Users Use Bitcoin

While the latest Gallup poll shows just two percent of U.S. investors own Bitcoin, 26% say they are intrigued.

Check it out. Are you among the 2% or the 26%?

Back to School Tips for Parents

It’s still a month away, but school is coming and it’s time to start preparing ourselves, and our kids, for it. This is an interesting article on how to re-set sleeping habits and set academic goals.

Achieving Success in 6 Thoughts

From knowing your limits to having a plan, there are proven ways to achieve success. Check out this article by Forbes, which nails on the head what it takes to visualize your goals and embrace positivity.

How to go from Quitter to Go-Getter

Are you a quitter? Do you want to become a go-getter? Check out this insightful article by Entrepreneur.  From embracing failure to maximizing your strengths, success is an attitude you carry about yourself and your whole life. It all starts with confidence!

24 Books Successful People Read


Self-improvement is at the heart of the success of many professionals. I myself am always striving to improve in my personal and professional life. Here are some great books recommended by founders, entrepreneurs and high achievers read: