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Rams’ Aaron Donald Agrees to Six Years


There was much waiting and anticipation over whether Donald would come back. We’ve just heard that he has finally agreed to terms on a six-year contract extension, making him a Ram through 2024.

Check out the Twitter comments and videos heralding this announcement as fans react.

Labor Day: A Weekend for New Movies

Labor Day weekend is a great time to catch a flick at the local theater before everyone goes back to school, work, sports and just the busyness of life. Like blockbuster movies with plots that are thin yet with huge special effects? There’s The Meg, a giant shark movie that’s still raking in big bucks at the box office.

If you haven’t yet seen Mission: Impossible Fallout, well you’d better take your chance ’cause it’s still hanging on at the theaters. If you’re up for political intrigue and action,¬† check out Ronda Rousey and Mark Wahlberg in Mile 22. And for the kids, Christopher Robin looks like an endearing take on a classic.

Let me know what you see!

Looking to Change Your Career?

We’ve all thought about changing careers at some point or another. Perhaps the path you chose for yourself just isn’t working out, or maybe a life change or relocation has forced you to switch careers in a way you never could have foreseen. In any case, this article has a good perspective on whether or not you can even afford a career change at this stage in your life.

One suggestion in this article to see if you can live on a lower income  is to test out your estimated salary by figuring out what you expect to earn, and living on that for two to four months. Can you do it?

Only 2% of Users Use Bitcoin

While the latest Gallup poll shows just two percent of U.S. investors own Bitcoin, 26% say they are intrigued.

Check it out. Are you among the 2% or the 26%?

Back to School Tips for Parents

It’s still a month away, but school is coming and it’s time to start preparing ourselves, and our kids, for it. This is an interesting article on how to re-set sleeping habits and set academic goals.