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Bad Habits in the Workplace

From running late to failing to make eye contact, there are many bad habits you may be taking part in as a professional that could be hurting your career.  I see people do these things all the time. Do you? Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Amazon: How Big Will They Get?

Remember when Amazon started out as a book selling platform? Times have changed. Now, Amazon pretty much does everything: it has a restaurant delivery service, a music streaming service and Amazon Homemade. It makes hardware and software, movies, television shows and video games. It publishes books and sells them. It also sells ads and makes small loans. What’s next? Real estate? Quite possibly. Check out this article.

Is Bitcoin’s Price Nearing Bottom?


Everyone’s wondering if the sell off is over, as Bitcoin prices dropped to a 50-day low of $6,630 this week. BTC historically reverses course whenever the relative strength index (RSI) drops to or below 30.00. Right now, the relative strength index is close to that mark, at 32.00.

Time will tell…

Hall of Fame Inductees


It’s that time again. Time to induct some of the greatest into the Hall of Fame. This week, Ray Allen, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash and Grant Hill were announced as part of the 2018 class of inductees to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame on Saturday.

They’ll be joined in the 2018 class by Maurice Cheeks, Lefty Driesell, Dino Radja, Charlie Scott, Katie Smith, Tina Thompson, Rod Thorn, Ora Mae Washington and Rick Welts.

What Makes a Great Leader?


Most articles on leadership focus on what makes a good leader. Not this one. It shows us what a good leader is not.

Being a good leader has nothing to do with titles.

It has nothing to do with personal attributes.

Leadership isn’t management.

Some of the great business leaders of all time lend their opinion as to what a great leader is. Check it:

Worst Kung Fu Movies of All Time

Last month, I posted a link to the greatest kung fu movies of all time. It’s only natural that we explore the worst of all time. What’s your vote?  Next month we’ll do the weirdest kung fu flicks of all time…


Avengers Infinity War Anyone?

OK, who else is excited to see Avengers Infinity War? The first clip was released this week. Check it out. It comes out on April 27. This is going to be a great upcoming season, what with Ant-Man and the Wasp coming out on July 6.