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What Makes a Great Leader?


Most articles on leadership focus on what makes a good leader. Not this one. It shows us what a good leader is not.

Being a good leader has nothing to do with titles.

It has nothing to do with personal attributes.

Leadership isn’t management.

Some of the great business leaders of all time lend their opinion as to what a great leader is. Check it:

Worst Kung Fu Movies of All Time

Last month, I posted a link to the greatest kung fu movies of all time. It’s only natural that we explore the worst of all time. What’s your vote?  Next month we’ll do the weirdest kung fu flicks of all time…


Avengers Infinity War Anyone?

OK, who else is excited to see Avengers Infinity War? The first clip was released this week. Check it out. It comes out on April 27. This is going to be a great upcoming season, what with Ant-Man and the Wasp coming out on July 6.

Kung Fu Fighter AND Fashion Icon?


Yup. Meet the Shanghai-born London-educated Tai Chi teacher named Ye Yongxiang. At first glance, you may think she’s a fashion model. But this 31-year-old is a world-class Kung Fu fighter who uses swords, blades and rods to perfect her craft.

Learn more about the world champion here.

What accountants should know about cryptocurrency


As a member of the financial industry, I find cryptocurrency fascinating. But we don’t always have all the answers.

If you’re an accountant,  your clients may ask you about all the different asset classes  and how to handle their cryptocurrency investments. Because so little is known about this by the general public, it’s up to you to inform them. Here’s what you need to know.

20 Oscar-Nominated Movies You Can Stream

If you’re a movie buff, you love Oscar season. But half the movies are in limited release or aren’t playing where you live, so how can you see them?

From the Shape of Water to Lady Bird, you can stream 20 Oscar-nominated moves by checking this link out. Let me know your predictions.





Although the Lakers haven’t made the playoffs since the 2012-13 season, they’ve been struggling to maintain their previous status as a team to be reckoned with. Julius Randle, who joined the team a year after that aforementioned season, says  the team has been taking big steps forward in its development.

In the article below, he goes into why they are starting to command respect  and why this competitive team can’t be overlooked by the rest of the league any longer. What do you think?